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DANCE: Like No One’s Watching


The “DANCE: Like No One’s Watching” programme combines visual, auditory, kin-aesthetic and academic learning styles supporting the taking in of new knowledge, processing it, learning what it means and then repeating the process until a full knowledge of the context and environment can be developed. The result is then combined with physical practice in a dance situation through progressively learning a dance over a day and finely tuning and honing the process until participants have to perform the finished piece in front of a live audience.

This is not about how good a dancer you are but how to identify, process and use information and how this information is delivered in practice using your individual skills and personality to show your interpretation of the whole.

The scenario will be outside the normal sphere of most participants’ experiences, but they will be able to draw parallels from their domestic and professional lives and start to piece together ideas and activities which will support the creation of clear and measurable outcomes in the workplace.

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