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INTO THE DEEP: Working under Pressure

Can you survive the storm?

This two-day immersive-learning programme focuses on personal survival and sea rescue. On day one participants will undergo the RNLI personal survival course where equal time is spent in the classroom and then in the purpose-built sea training tank where they will firstly learn survival techniques and then practice them in varying water and weather conditions.

Day two focuses on leadership skills learned in day one and these are tested in three sea based scenarios where individuals and teams will pit their knowledge, strengths and leadership skills to create solutions to the three scenarios.

This innovative workshop takes place in both live and simulated environments, which supports the development of individual leadership skills, problem solving and decision making, all whilst in a hostile environment unfamiliar to the participants.

Individuals pull together as a team to rescue themselves and each other from a real-life crisis situation in the water and then use these skills in the scenarios to make life changing decisions.

Combined with classroom-based activities and theoretical integration this practical activity based course promotes individual growth and cements team relationships delivered through a fast-paced unforgettable experience.

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