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TAKEN: Out of your Comfort Zone

Could you negotiate with a kidnapper?

Negotiation and communication are two key elements in all teams and this scenario-based activity focuses on these key aspects during a live kidnap/active shooter scenario.

To support the scenario exercise a series of challenges related to the kidnap scenario will be inserted to develop both a range of cognitive skills.

Using actors and specialists in this area, teams are put through their paces in scenario conditions to negotiate, organise, understand and develop new skills which are important in team development during the kidnap/active shooter scenario. The participants are based in strategic and operational groups and switch around halfway through the event so that they both get a chance to sample the similarities and differences perceived by the decision makers and those who put the decisions into action.

This scenario based activity is high powered, thought provoking and often brings out strengths in a team, which initially may seem to have been absent.

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