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I would say that the three days of learning on this MOM course was more enjoyable than university or any other course I have been on.
The delivery was very engaging. I usually can find times to switch off, but it wasn’t possible during these modules!
An engaging and practical problem solving day, which was both challenging and enjoyable
An intense learning experience which will captivate you and leave you wanting to learn more
The knowledge injected into the modules from others on the course was very beneficial
Chris has a lot of information/experience to share (all good and I really enjoyed listening to it!)
Chris is an extremely knowledgeable tutor who kept everyone engaged throughout the learning experience
Being able to network with other area’s was great as I was able to relate to their experiences and see how they have resolved similar issues
The day gave me the opportunity to examine my observation and communication skills and really opened my eyes to the potential of
individuals in my team.
I really appreciate Chris’ skills and insight.
The real life scenarios were great to analyse and work with and provided an interesting challenge, especially with regards to
I loved the amount of participation which we had. The scenarios area brilliant way to gain new knowledge and then test it in a safe, but exciting atmosphere.
What a great session leader Chris is. The session challenged my comfort zone but there was still an ease and flow to all the activities.
The day gave me the opportunity to examine my observation and communication skills and really opened my eyes to the potential of individuals in my team.
Chris is an excellent communicator and he made the session fun and stimulating. His in depth knowledge of psychology and sociology was very impressive.
The experience that Chris has in many areas means he is so informed. The interactive elements of the course were excellent and I loved the ‘learning in the round’ teaching approach
This one-day course was very informative and revealing. Acknowledging my type (Packtype) was very influential and has given me a lot of food for thought. I am looking forward to diving into the further reading supplied by Chris and am looking at joining a longer programme now I have had this little taste of what Mind Over Matter has to offer!
This course from Mind Over Matter had everything.. the instructor, the content and the resources. Excellent.
I love the exercises and theory relating to communication. It has opened my eyes to how I act in groups and has made me very empathetic towards others and why they may behave in a certain way. Awareness and understanding.. not bad for a one-day course!
This was, without doubt, the most thought- provoking course I have attended. The only thing I would like to change is the amount of time we had… give him (Chris) longer!!!
This session was packed with things that were relevant to me. I found all of it interesting and can’t think of anything that would improve it.
Mind Over Matter always delivers easy to apply theory for the workplace. Thank you.
Hands- on sessions that are engaging and always allow discussion and debate with a great balance of theory and practice.
Always enjoyable. Another great session from Mind Over Matter.
A great, engaging day.. thank you!
Role playing within my team was so, so insightful.
Please let’s do it again
Enlightening and empowering, yet educational and informative.
Chris helped me rediscover my innate traits, attributes and qualities and also revealed deficiencies so that I can do something about them.
The Ultimate Grand Prix experience presented by Chris was very inspirational, energising and brought lots of ideas. The exercises were challenging and fun, and gave us an insight into not only ourselves, but the other people in our teams.  All teams took part in interesting and focused discussions and exchanges. Overall everyone learned different things and found the training to be a great development opportunity. We highly recommend Chris and his team.

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