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WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE: Problem-Solving in Adverse Situations

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WHITE KNUCKLE RIDE: Problem-Solving in Adverse Situations is a scenario-based immersive learning leadership and management tool to help leaders and managers to understand how to work in high pressure situations and to take the skills learned back into the workplace. Participants take part in two of five high pressure scenarios where they must solve problems, make decisions, communicate with a range of stakeholders and work in teams to ensure that a favourable outcome is reached for each of the scenarios taking place.

This programme is about both individual and team activity and how the participants use their knowledge and skills in such situations. There will be excerpts of skills development and exercises to enhance the knowledge and learning of those involved creating an environment where participants will be able to safely test new ideas and knowledge during the process. This programme has run for the last five years and has been used at a range of venues and for a large number of companies to great effect.